Hello lovelies! I love the holidays and I especially love the idea of giving homemade gifts. There is something so special knowing someone took the time to make or bake your little gift vs. running to the nearest department store and grabbing a pair of gloves on the clearance rack. This little DIY was an accident as I prepped to take a few pretty shots of the yummy doughnuts for the homemade pumpkin spice doughnut recipe I featured last week.

Here is what you will need to make little doughnut gifts ready to deliver: kraft boxes, that handy grommet set and decorative punch, a small hole punch to make a hole for the grommet, ribbon, or maybe this beautiful velvet ribbon from Anthro, home printer, and this NEW printable, oh and some pretty tissue paper (I finally found a use for all the pretty gold striped tissue paper from my Kate Spade orders-does anyone else save them?). Oh, and most importantly that doughnut recipe hint: use a 2" diameter cup/baby cup/shot glass in order to make mini doughnuts instead of full size doughnuts. a.) they will fit better in your box and b.) you will be able to yield almost double the recipe!

Print and punch out your tags, hole punch in the top center of the tag, and set your grommet.

Place doughnuts in box however you like, don't forget to line the box with tissue paper or parchment paper. Save a few doughnuts for your kiddies, your hubby, or yourself and don't forget the milk!

I wrapped some scrapbooking paper around the box securing with some double-side tape. Cut a 30" piece of ribbon and centering over the box lengthwise, wrap around the box crossing the ribbon on the underside and bringing back to the top widthwise. Tie ribbon but don't knot it. Now feed the tag through one piece of the ribbon, once tag is centered then tie a knot or bow. Et violà! Hope you put a smile on someone's face with these yummy treats! xo.



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  1. Posted by Katie @ Lovebird Productions on Thursday, December 6th, 2012
    This really is so cute! I love giving homemade treats for gifts and the wrapping makes it even more special! Love!